Who We Are

Crescente Group is the business service & consulting company in Georgia specializing in wide corporate matters covering business establishment and maintenance, related legal & financial services, advisory in tax optimization & corporate structuring, as well as in real estate & financial investments.

Crescente Consultants, as part of Crescente Group, provide integrated advisory & service solutions predominantly in Georgia, in special tax jurisdictions and beyond, whereas our another subsidiary Corporate & Free Zone Solutions LLC is specialized on catering the versatile services to Free Zone established companies.

Our USP is to deliver portfolio of value-added services/consulting that comes from versatile and rich experience in corporate affairs, with major focus on business set-up & maintenance, banking, broad financial/accounting services & legal consultancy and administrative solutions.

Why Business choose us

We cater to the needs of the foreign companies involved in various types of trading/industrial/service businesses. Our team of professionals, with their unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities in corporate services, tax consulting & free zones in Georgia will deliver services with pace and certainty.

Our handling of your business concerns will definitely lead to unproblematic running of your operations in Georgia. Therefore, we are there to give the companies the practical assistance in all matters from the day 1 of their business establishment. Individual approach, tailored service packages and ongoing assistance enables our clients to transcend over time and space and make success inevitable.

Who can use our services

Our clients include various non-resident and resident companies of Georgia from various business sectors who are interested in:

– Unimpeded opening and doing business to / from Georgia and abroad.
– Optimized Taxation set-ups.
– Consulting on effective solutions for their business needs.
– Various tax, legal and financial services.

We are already working with dozens of companies from different countries and regions of the Eurasian continent.