Other Legal Related Services

Legal documentation preparation Whether it is a general or specific Power of Attorney, relocation documentation or employee, sales, rental on any other service contract, we are there to provide very affordable service with pace and certainty for both individuals and businesses operating or planing to operate from Georgia.

Company Purchase / Ownership Transfer – Interested entities may optionally take over aged companies under sale with/without bank accounts. Within 24 hours, based on POA, we will accomplish the deal and send the documentation package via DHL.

Translation, Notary & Apostile. If you require a certified or a notarized translation, get in touch with us and we’ll deliver it to you at fastest possible time and outstanding quality. Notary autorization is also a very fast and efficient service that we will be able to handle for you. Typically it takes around 24 hours to finish up the translation and notarization of foreign-sourced documents or the local ones.

Apostille – an intra-state authentication of original document that verifies legitimacy of this document for use in foreign countries – is well- accepted in number of countries – members of the Hague Apostille Convention. There are designated governmental authorities in each of 98 countries, members of Convention that issue apostille certificates. The apostille is becoming more and more widely used with passing time.

In Georgia, Crescente Consulting can materialize all formalities and make all jobs done practically in every field of services. Whether it is connected to relocation, company registration, bank account opening or any other services, we will finalize all within days after receiving relevant Power of Attorneys with Apostile. On the other hand, we will organize apostiles of all Georgian state-issued documentation within 1 day and DHL them to you. Typically, such documents could include:

– Company Extracts (Certificate of Incorporation)

– Company Charters (MOAs)

– Tax Residency Certificates, etc

Certificate of Origin of Georgia A Certificate of Origin (CO) means a specific form that identifies the goods as originated in a specific country and it is issued by the empowered state institution. In Georgia we have Preferential (with benefits) and non-preferential (without benefits) COs. Preferential origin gives certain tariff advantages – reduced or zero rate for goods that are traded between Georgia and other countries with whom Georgia has preferential or free trade agreements (FTA). Such countries and regions include China, EU, Turkey, Ukraine, CIS (Ex-Soviet Countries) – with whom Georgia has FTA, whereas with USA, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, etc Georgia enjoys preferential benefits for trade. Crescente Consulting will provide general consulting as well as full coordination of obtaining certificate of origin of Georgia for locally based manufacturing companies. Additionally, we will serve the needs of traders who require fresh COs and within several hours finalize obtaining of non-preferential fresh COs for them.

Other Permits & Licenses Georgia is proud to have beaurocracy-free state procedures that is one of the attractive factors for diverse sector investments in the country. World Bank also recongnizes the simplicity of conducting above procedures. Whether it is connected to Environmental or Building permits, Free Zone licensing, or banking permits, Crescente Consulting is ready to guide you to the basics in these fields and provide related full-scale services with affordable tariffs.

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