Residency Permits

Investment Residency (IR) for Individuals is issued to a foreign citizen who invested at least USD 300 000 equivalent in Gel in Georgia, including in immovable properties. IR is annually renewable for 5 years and thereafter individuals may get the Permanent Residence Permit. IR recipient family members can also get the IR. Individual must also possess the business in Georgia with at least 50,000 GEL annual turnover for the first year, 120,000 GEL for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th consecutive years.

Short-term Residence Permit is issued to the person – and his/her family members – who, according to the rule established by Georgian legislation have the right to immovable property (except for agricultural land), with the market price above USD 100 000 equivalent in GEL. (Can be issued within 3 weeks)

Work Residence Permit is issued to persons coming to Georgia for entrepreneurial or labor activities as well as to freelancers; (Can be issued within 3 weeks)

Permanent residence permit is issued to a spouse, parent and child of citizen of Georgia; also to a foreign citizen who, holding a temporary residence permit, has resided in Georgia during the preceding six years.

Citizenship (By Way of Exception)

According to a resolution of the President of Georgia, Citizenship of Georgia might be granted by way of exception to a citizen of foreign country for having special merits to Georgia or if granting of the citizenship is in the state interest of the country. There is no guarantee that the citizenship application is approved by the President of Georgia, but we are guiding our customers on how to increase their chances through making reasonable investments/donations in Georgia.  There are no strict requirements set by law or any minimum amount of money that should be invested/donated to ensure success in this regard.

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